XWiki Enterprise 2.2.1 and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.2.1 Released

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Feb 27 2010

The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.2.1.

This is a bug fix release for the 2.2 branches.

Warning: It fixes mainly two important regressions around documents parents handling and xar import so if you are using 2.2 you should really upgrade to 2.2.1.

New features:

  • XWIKI-4922 - XWiki translation into catalan language
  • XWIKI-4938 - Provide an action for sub queries
  • XWIKI-4926 - Finish covering DocumentAccesBridge with new DocumentReference and AttachementReference
  • XWIKI-4884 - Hide the first and last new line when editing a standalone macro
  • XWIKI-4909 - Upgrade to Pygments 1.2.2 (was Pygments 1.0, see changelog)
  • XAADMINISTRATION-113 - Make registration page configurable from administration sheet
  • Updated translations
Important Bugs fixed:
  • XE-607 - Cannot use Main.Dashboard as a space dashboard of a blacklisted space
  • XE-605 - Documentation about html macro is wrong in XWikiSyntax page
  • XE-604 - Link to RSS feed on dashboard when used as space dashboard points to global RSS feed
  • XWIKI-4929 - XWikiDocument#getParent and setParent does not serialize/resolve the reference based on the document but on the current context
  • XWIKI-4907 - Can't link to recently modified pages
  • XWIKI-4856 - Charset errors on macro insertion
  • XWIKI-4878 - Code macro 2.0 - extra newline inserted
  • XWIKI-4915 - Code macro 2.0 - inline language=none uses non-monospace font
  • XWIKI-4948 - DocumentModelBridge should not contain any set methods
  • XWIKI-4672 - Freestanding image/links should be protected in xwiki/2.0 renderer when before or after word that could break it when parsed
  • XWIKI-4413 - Livetable does not properly empty its cache when sorting order change
  • XWIKI-3899 - The LiveTable does not filter correctly documents when the + character is used in the filter key
  • XSCOLIBRI-199 - Syntax highlighting uses non-monospace font
  • XSCOLIBRI-194 - In inline mode, the fullscreen UI doesn't use the current theme
For more information see the XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager release notes.
Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2010/02/27

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