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7 7  All through this tutorial you should refer to the [[XWiki Data Model>>DevGuide.DataModel]] for information on XWiki's data model. You might also use the [[XWiki Scripting Guide>>DevGuide.Scripting]] to get you started with scripting in XWiki and manipulating XWiki objects. In addition, this tutorial will introduce the concepts of Authoring Templates and Page Design Sheets, patterns that you will find particularly useful in creating XWiki applications. Completing this tutorial is a recommended prerequisite for anyone who wants to build custom applications on the XWiki engine.
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9 += Pre Requisites for following the tutorial =
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11 +You should have [[installed XWiki>>AdminGuide.Installation]] and have a [[basic understanding of how to use it>>Features.WebHome]].
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9 9  = Application Overview =
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11 11  The FAQ application allows users to post a question by entering the question into a simple form field and then submitting the form. The question then appears in a list along with all other questions that have been previously posted. Users can click on the questions to view both the question and answer in a consistently styled view. If the question has not yet been answered, any user can post an answer to the question by editing the page. In edit mode, the page will display a web form that is the same for every FAQ page.

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