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2 2  {{toc/}}
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5 +{{warning}}
6 +If you've already followed the [[AWM FAQ Tutorial>>DevGuide.FAQTutorial.FAQTutorialAWM]] or installed the [[FAQ Application>>extensions:Extension.FAQ Application]] you'll need to do one of 2 things before you can take this tutorial:
7 +* Delete the ##FAQ## space (if you've followed the AWM FAQ Tutorial) or uninstall the FAQ Application (if you've installed the FAQ Application)
8 +* or simply follow the tutorial below but replace the space ##FAQ## with another value everywhere it's used. For example use ##MyFAQ## as the space name instead.
9 +{{/warning}}
10 +
5 5  This tutorial will show you how to build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [[Application>>platform:Features.Applications]] much like the one you can find on the [[FAQ page>>xwiki:FAQ.WebHome]]. This is a very simple application that makes use of XWiki's [[classes, properties, and objects>>platform:DevGuide.DataModel||anchor="HXWikiClasses2CObjects2CandProperties"]]. It also uses a technique that you may frequently use as the basis for several different kinds of applications.
6 6  
7 7  = Prerequisites for following the tutorial =

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