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Thibaut Camberlin 1.1 1 There are several ways to create a page on XWiki. Please find below all available ways
Thibaut Camberlin 6.1 3 {{toc/}}
Thibaut Camberlin 1.1 4
Vincent Massol 10.3 5 = Using the Create button =
Guillaume Delhumeau 7.1 7 First, click on the create icon:
Silvia Macovei 18.1 9 {{image reference="create-icon.png" width="100px"/}}
Guillaume Delhumeau 7.1 10
11 Then you will see this screen:
Silvia Macovei 16.1 13 {{image reference="create-formular.png" width="650px"/}}
Guillaume Delhumeau 7.1 14
15 Here, you can set a title and select the type of document you want to create.
Silvia Macovei 16.1 17 = Using in page links =
Thibaut Camberlin 1.1 18
Silvia Macovei 18.1 19 Links can be used as pointers towards pages that do not exist yet. When used for this purpose, a link will appear underlined, with a question mark to its right.
Thibaut Camberlin 1.1 20
Silvia Macovei 18.1 21 {{image reference="create-link.png" width="309px"/}}
23 Clicking on such a link will ask you to select a page type. After you click "Create" you'll see the page in edit mode. The new page will be created when you click on "Save & View". This way of creating new pages is quite handy since it creates your wiki's structure at the same time as the new content is added.
Vincent Massol 11.1 25 = Directly entering the URL for the new page =
Thibaut Camberlin 1.1 26
Vincent Massol 11.1 27 This option is technical and not recommended for simple users because it requires knowing the [[URL format>>platform:DevGuide.Standard URL Format]].
Silvia Macovei 19.1 28
29 {{success}}
30 **Next: [[Step 2 Editing a page>>EditingAPage]]**
31 {{/success}}

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