Question How doi install XWiki on my Own Webspace?? Got a hosted Webspace with a domain ftp php jsp mysql and i think its an apache running but i have no access to the server itself
Answer It depends on the actual hosting offer. Normally, XWiki must be deployed as a Java EE webapp, which isn't that common on standard hosting offers. While PHP files work if they are simply moved onto the server, J2EE applications like XWiki are full applications, and must be installed in a J2EE container.

Normally, if the ISP has support for running J2EE applications, it should offer either:

  • a J2EE administration console which allows deploying applications through a browser
  • FTP or SFTP access to a folder where you can copy a .war archive
In both cases, you should re-package the .war distribution of XE so that it contains the database connector (copy this file in WEB-INF/lib), and the hibernate configuration is adapted for mysql (edit WEB-INF/hibernate.cfg.xml and comment out the default configuration and uncomment/edit the mysql configuration).
Created by Matze Rak on 2008/01/12

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