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12 12  Here are the steps you should follow:
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14 14  * Check the documentation for the [[project>>Main.Forge]] you wish to use. If you don't find the information you're looking for there try [[Searching>>Main.Search]] on this wiki and check the [[FAQ>>FAQ.WebHome]].
15 -* Search the [[Forum>>]] (you should also check the old [[xwiki-users mailing list archives>>]]).
15 +* Search the [[Forum>>]] (you should also check the old [[ xwiki-users mailing list archives>>dev:Community.MailingLists]]).
16 16  * If you still haven't found the answer, post a question on the [[Forum>>dev:Community.Discuss]]. Please bear in mind that people on the Forum are people who are contributing to XWiki in their own time. Also you'll find people are more likely and prompt to answer your questions if you yourself participate and answer other's questions over time. This is a participation ecosystem.
17 17  * You can also consider sending a message on the [[IRC Channel>>dev:Community.IRC]]. However we recommend using the Forum in most cases since the IRC channel is used mostly by developers to coordinate XWiki development and the Forum allows everyone to answer in its own time and without pressure.
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