Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.0 Milestone 4

Version 1.0 milestone 4 brings a couple of bug fixes and improvements.

Changes from 1.0 Milestone 3

Release Notes - XWiki Watch - Version 1.0 M4

  • Bugs fixes
    • Do not allow to create feed, groups or keywords with names that already exist
    • PressReview email not generated correctly when guest user does not have view rights on the WatchCode.PressReview document
    • Date filter does not apply for RSS press review
  • Improvements
    • Upgraded to GWT 1.4 which improves performance and brings new features
    • Added a filter top prevent usual English words to be displayed in the Text Analysis
    • Added a "delete" button under group names in the list on the left
    • Added a "delete" button under keyword names in the list on the right
    • Moved Jetty resources in a jetty/ directory for the standalone distribution
    • Added autosuggest for article tags
    • Added a mechanism for feed deletion that would allow deleting fetched articles too
    • The date filter should include both the start date and the end date.
    • Added an integration test that ensure Watch loads in the distribution

Known issues

Bugs we know about

Warning: Note that XWiki Watch does not work properly with an Oracle database yet. See XWATCH-103


See the extension page for Watch.

Created by Anca Luca on 2008/04/07

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