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72 72  == Proposed dates ==
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74 -* 8.0M1: --25 Jan 2016-- 9 Feb 2016
75 -* 8.0M2: 15 Feb 2016
76 -* 8.0RC1: 29 Feb 2016
74 +* 8.0M1: --25 Jan 2016-- 9 Feb 2016 (/)
75 +* 8.0M2: --15 Feb 2016-- 22 Feb 2016
76 +* 8.0RC1: --29 Feb 2016-- 3 Mar 2016
77 77  * 8.0Final: 14 Mar 2016

The XWiki development process uses JIRA for listing all tasks to be implemented and all bugs to be fixed.

You'll find there the dates and versions planned for issues to be fixed and hence the XWiki roadmaps. There's also a release calendar listing all known dates for future releases. Please understand that these dates are often tentative since XWiki's development is open source and lots of committers/contributors are working in their free time on XWiki.

If you're interested to help out check the contributing page.

We're releasing several top level projects together and as such we've decided to have the same Roadmap page for all of them. Thus this page contains the roadmap for the following projects: XWiki Commons, XWiki Rendering, XWiki Platform and XWiki Enterprise.

General goals for all releases:

  • More tests
  • Better javadoc
  • More documentation on
  • Code cleanup/refactoring

Already implemented roadmaps can be found in the archives.

Note that all planned release dates are also entered in the Calendar on JIRA.

XWiki Enterprise 8.x Cycle

Release dates for the 8.x Cycle:

  • 8.0: March 2016
  • 8.1: May 2016
  • 8.2: July 2016
  • 8.3: September 2016
  • 8.4: November 2016

XWiki 8.0

See what was done in the release notes.
Check the complete list of issues fixed for 8.0.

Priority 1:

  • Polish the CKEditor integration and bring it up to par with our current WYSIWYG editor with the goal of replacing our current editor in XWiki 8.1. - Marius
    TaskCKEDITOR-7ClosedUpgrade to CKEditor 4.5.7
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-20ClosedAdd support for inserting images from XWiki attachments
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-19ClosedAdd support for Back-Forward and Page Reload cache
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-22ClosedAdd support for creating links to wiki attachments
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-21ClosedAdd support for creating links to wiki pages
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-18ClosedNotify about unsaved changes when leaving the edit mode
    New FeatureCKEDITOR-25ClosedAdd support for drag & drop image upload
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-41ClosedAdd CKEditor plugin to resize table columns
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-28ClosedLower the required XWiki platform version
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-17ClosedRemain on the previous editing mode when the HTML-source conversion fails
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-15ClosedHTML code visible when switching to Source mode
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-14ClosedA text area with HTML code is visible before the editor is loaded
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-11ClosedMake a conversion request only when the content has changed
    ImprovementCKEDITOR-10ClosedDisplay the macro name on the status bar when a macro is selected
    BugCKEDITOR-35ClosedUnable to switch to Source if the edited content has a macro call that doesn't produce visible output
    BugCKEDITOR-38ClosedCKEditor converts Umlaute to HTML equivalents
    BugCKEDITOR-27ClosedSaving the page from the Source edit mode doesn't work as expected
    BugCKEDITOR-8ClosedThe macro output is not read-only if it is preceded by another macro output
    BugCKEDITOR-4ClosedBroken display of Main.WebHome
    BugCKEDITOR-12ClosedSave & Continue doesn't work as expected
    BugCKEDITOR-34ClosedWiki syntax gets escaped when you click "Back" in the browser
    BugCKEDITOR-40ClosedExternal link style is not applied for the edited content
  • Write Migration tools to help migrate users from pre-Nested Space to Nested Spaces - GuillaumeD
  • Polish/finish the Nested Spaces topics (leftovers from previous releases). Needed in 7.4.1 and 7.4.2. Edy for hiding WebHome in links/images, everyone for the rest.
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  • Continue improving upgrade tools: Scriptable upgrades (priority 1), Simulation (priority 2), others - Edy
  • Finish Flavor mechanism + provide Platform Flavor + minimalistic XWiki distribution - Thomas
    New FeatureXWIKI-12978ClosedCreate minimalistic XWiki distribution
  • Improved better download and install pages, improved style, etc - Caty
  • Define new UI Extension points - Caty

Priority 2 (if priority 1 items are finished):

  • MediaWiki Import - Thomas
  • Better notifications: live notifications (when a forum post is added, when a comment is posted), app-related AS events, other - Edy

Proposed dates

  • 8.0M1: 25 Jan 2016 9 Feb 2016
  • 8.0M1: 25 Jan 2016 9 Feb 2016 accept
  • 8.0M2: 15 Feb 2016
  • 8.0M2: 15 Feb 2016 22 Feb 2016
  • 8.0RC1: 29 Feb 2016
  • 8.0RC1: 29 Feb 2016 3 Mar 2016
  • 8.0Final: 14 Mar 2016

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