Manual Test Report for XWiki 8.0

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2017/03/24

The aim of this report is to test XWiki Enterprise 8.0 and see that everything is working properly.

Tested Browsers & Databases

Here is the list of browsers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

BrowserTest Result
Chrome30.pngGoogle Chrome 49Not Tested
Firefox30.pngMozilla Firefox 34Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 10Not Tested
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 11Not Tested

Here is the list of databases we support and how they have been tested for this release:

DatabaseTest Result
hypersql.pngHyperSQL 2.3.3Not Tested
mysql.pngMySQL 5.xNot Tested
oracle.pngOracle 11.xNot Tested
postgresql.pngPostgreSQL 9.4.5Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Release Notes

TicketTest ResultTested by
Closed XWIKI-13203 Mail threads are not stopped properly on webapp shutdown Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-13199 Main wiki descriptor is not always generated PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13187 Visible external link icon between 'Download'-'Sources'-'Issues' buttons PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13185 Separators from the subwiki menu are not hidden PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13174 "QuickLinks" panel have a link to the Sandbox even if Sandbox is not installed PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13157 Make flavors search asynchronous in the DW Flavor step Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-13109 LDAP Users duplicate on the LDAP group after each authentification Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-13045 Blog post icons need to be aligned on a single row PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13018 The action "Attach a file" is displayed in History with the entire path of the page PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-12574 Bad display of tagged pages in sub spaces PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-10120 Errors in IRC channel when XWiki is in readonly mode Not Tested 
Closed XE-1535 Error on upgrade from 7.4.2 to 8.0-rc-1 (Allowed namespace list) PassManuel
Closed XCOMMONS-936 Possible ClassCastException in ReflectionUtils.resolveType Not Tested 
Closed XCOMMONS-934 Abort Core extension repository updater Thread when XWiki is stopping PassManuel
Closed XCOMMONS-933 Various asm modules versions are not in sync Not Tested 
Closed XCOMMONS-932 Grouped job with null path should be executed as non grouped Not Tested 
Closed XCOMMONS-928 NPE when creating multiple subwikis at the same time PassManuel
Created by Sorin Burjan on 2011/01/31

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