XWiki 10.3 Released

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2020/01/28

Apr 23 2018

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 10.3 final.

In this version you will automatically get notification when change are made to pages you worked on. It also introduce the protection against edition of pages coming from extensions to avoid breaking mistakes and ease upgrades.

See the release notes for more information.


Blog Categories

#getBlogCategoriesLocation($doc.space $categoriesLocation)
Failed to execute the [html] macro. Cause: [When using HTML content inline, you can only use inline HTML content. Block HTML content (such as tables) cannot be displayed. Try leaving an empty line before and after the macro.]. Click on this message for details.

#getCategoriesHierarchy($categoriesLocation $tree)
#displayCategoriesHierarchy($tree 'simple')

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