Static List allows to store and display single-select or multi-select fields that can be displayed as select, checkbox, radio or suggests fields.


Display Type

Several types are available for displaying a static list:

  • *select*: display the list as an html select
  • *checkbox*: display the list as checkboxes
  • *radio*: display the list as a radio button
  • *input*: display a simple input text. Note that this option might be used in combination with "Use suggest" and "Free text", to allow entering custom values.

Multiple select

If checked, it allows to select multiple values. Else it only allow to select one value.

Use suggest

This property only works in combination with *input* display type: it allows to display a suggest list when the user is typing in the input text, and to select from it.

Allow large strings

This property has been introduced in XWiki 11.5RC1 and allow to store values with more than 255 characters.

Size of the corresponding form element in edit mode

This property is useful only with *select* display, it allows to specify the number of options to display in the select.

Multiselect separators (for editing)

This property allows to specify some operators used to distinguish multiple values in a single string, in edit mode.
By default, the value accepted separators are "|", "," and " ".
For example, if you send the value "Foo|Bar|Baz" in edit, it would be considered as the three values: Foo, Bar and Baz.



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