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5 Welcome to the XWiki "Get Started" page. This guide provides basic information on how to set up and use XWiki. Start by learning more about [[wikis>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatIsAWiki]].
7 XWiki's use cases are diverse: collaborative intranet, knowledge base, CMS, competitive intelligence, public debate, collaborative creation of school courses, web site creation, etc. Read more on [[what wikis can be used for>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatCanAWikiBeUsedFor]], [[what makes XWiki special>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatsSpecialAboutXWiki.WebHome]] and a [[second generation wiki>>platform:Main.SecondGenerationWiki]].
9 You can visit the [[references page>>xwiki:References.WebHome]] to see a list of varied projects based on XWiki. You can add your own project to the same page by filling in a short form. You can also go to the [[XWiki project homepage>>xwiki:Main.WebHome]] to see some of the companies that use XWiki or check out the [[testimonials page>>Main.Feedback.Testimonials]] to view what our users have to say.
11 = Basic information =
13 The first thing you want to do is [[download>>xwiki:Download.WebHome]] and [[install XWiki>>platform:AdminGuide.Installation]]. For first time XWiki users and for users who wish to quickly try out XWiki we recommend installing the [[standalone distribution>>platform:AdminGuide.InstallationStandalone]]. You can also [[try it directly online>>doc:Hosted.WebHome]] if you're not looking to install XWiki from scratch.
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19 Then, as you log in to your wiki, the first thing you see is the wiki homepage.
21 [[image:1.png||class="image-label"]] XWiki is divided into Wikis and Pages. Inside a wiki, you can create a hierarchy of pages, by creating pages inside other pages. This feature is called [[Nested Pages>>platform:Features.ContentOrganization]]. From this area you can [[add new pages>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle]] by clicking the "Create" button.
23 [[image:2.png||class="image-label"]] Whenever you want to [[modify a page>>platform:Features.PageEditing]], click on the "Edit" button, make your changes and save the page. The modified page now replaces the previous version. Each version of the page is stored in the [[page history>>platform:Features.VersionControl]] and can be reverted to, if needed. More page actions, such as Administer, Copy, Rename, Delete, Export, are also available from the last menu on the right.
25 [[image:3.png||class="image-label"]] From the upper right corner you may click on your [[profile>>extensions:Extension.User Profile Application]], or the [[notifications>>]] menu.
27 [[image:4.png||class="image-label"]] By expanding the drawer menu on the right you can log in, register, access your profile or go to the [[wiki administration>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application]]. You can also access the wiki, page or user [[index>>extensions:Extension.Index Application]], as well as add a new wiki.
29 [[image:5.png||class="image-label"]] You can easily edit/modify the content of the homepage to replace it with your own content.
31 [[image:6.png||class="image-label"]] Lateral menus are handled using panels. A [[panel>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.ChangingTheLogoAndThePanels]] is a widget you can see on the left and/or right of every page of your wiki in the standard version of XWiki. By default you will see "Applications" and "Navigation" panels on the left and medium sized panels on the right.
33 [[image:7.png||class="image-label"]] The tabbed area at the bottom of the page features by default [[comments>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle||anchor="HComments"]], [[attachments>>platform:Features.Attachments]], [[page history>>platform:Features.VersionControl]] and page information.
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54 You can check the [[complete list of features>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.WebHome]]. You can also [[get started with the first steps>>FirstStepsWithXWiki]] or skip directly to [[more advanced topics>>GoingFurther]].
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57 If you need more help with your wiki or you'd like to get in touch with the community please visit the [[support page>>xwiki:Main.Support]]. There you'll find more information on:
59 * [[Community support>>xwiki:Main.Support||anchor="HCommunitySupport"]]
60 * [[Professional support>>xwiki:Main.Support||anchor="HProfessionalSupport"]]
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