Version 2.1 by Jerome on 2008/06/18
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This version of XWiki Workspaces has not been released yet.

Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.1 Milestone 2

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Changes from XWiki Workspaces 1.1 Milestone 1

New features implemented

  • Public registration mode
  • Invite external users to your workspaces
  • Client validation on Workspace creation form

Full release notes

You can read the full release notes on JIRA

Known issues

Issues we know about


Read the Getting Started guide on

Upgrading from an older version

The process to upgrade an existing WAR installation of XWiki Workspaces is very similar as the one described here for XWiki Enterprise. You will need to save your configuration files (xwiki.cfg and hibernate.cfg.xml) in order to keep the new war working with your environment.


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