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Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.3 Milestone 1

First milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 1.3 version (Roadmap). 

Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.2

Main changes:

  • LDAP support improvements
    • Add possibility to map one LDAP group with more that one XWiki group
    • Add the ability to configure LDAP groups classes and members fields names 
    • LDAP authenticator re-save user page even there is no modification 
    • "userPassword" LDAP field should be configurable 
    • Makes the SSL provider implementation used to support LDAP communication over SSL configurable
    • LDAP authentication print error message with empty "group_mapping" property 
  • Better PDF export support
  • Have "from" (second to last version) and "to" (last version) fields checked by default in the the document history 
  • Ability to change just one (or several) object properties 
  • Automatic logging of deprecated method calls in Velocity 
  • Better language negotiation
  • Don't display the login link on the login page 
  • see XEM details.
  • see Wiki Manager.

Known issues

Common Migration notes

Common Migration notes

See XWiki Enterprise 1.5M1 Common Migration notes


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