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51 51  = For Developers =
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53 -== Advanced Solr Search Suggest Sources ==
53 +== Solr ==
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55 +=== Advanced Search Suggest Sources ===
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55 55  The [[Search Suggest>>extensions:Extension.Search Application||anchor="HSearchSuggest"]] feature retrieves live search results from various configurable sources. These sources specify the search engine to use and the search query. The search doesn't perform well, at least on Solr, if we use only the search query because each query is different (when the input text is different) so the cache is not used efficiently. Best is to rely on the filter cache but for this we need to be able to specify the filter query.
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57 57  Starting with this release you are able to specify more advanced search parameters in the search query and they will be passed directly to the search engine. This currently works with Solr. As an example, the following statement from the 'query' property of a Search Suggest Source
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96 96  See the [[Solr common query parameters>>http://wiki.apache.org/solr/CommonQueryParameters]] and the [[Extended DisMax query parser parameters>>http://wiki.apache.org/solr/ExtendedDisMax#Parameters]] documentation for details on what parameters you can pass to the search engine.
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98 -== Solr Search UI Configuration ==
100 +=== Search UI Configuration ===
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100 100  We extracted the configuration parameters from the Solr Search UI code in a separate wiki page, ##Main.SolrSearchConfig##. This simplifies the process of customizing the search UI and more importantly allows application developers to easily create a dedicated search page for their application data. As an example, we updated the FAQ application to use the new configuration parameters:
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135 135  {{/velocity}}
136 136  {{/code}}
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140 +=== Faceting on Object Properties ===
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142 +In XWiki 5.3 we added support for [[faceting on object properties>>ReleaseNotesXWiki53||anchor="HFacetingandSortingonObjectProperties"]] but the facets were not displayed nicely. We improved the facet display in this release so that the property type is taken into account: e.g. a facet on a date property will be displayed using the date facet (same as for the document creation date or the last modification date). Moreover, you can now configure the facet displayer to use and even create your own facet displayer. See the [[Solr Search Application>>extensions:Extension.Solr Search Application||anchor="HFacetingonObjectProperties"]] for details.
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138 138  == Action API ==
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140 140  This [[Action API module>>extensions:Extension.Action API]] is the entry point for all UIs and in charge of calling the correct backend code to display what the user has asked for (it's the Controller in MVC terminology).

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