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15 15  The minimum required Java version to run XWiki is now Java 7. It's not just the minimum officially supported version, XWiki won't work anymore on Java 6.
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17 +== Extension Manager UI Improvements ==
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19 +You can now choose to resolve all merge conflicts in the same way, when upgrading an extension. This means that whenever you get a merge conflict, you can choose to resolve the remaining merge conflicts by keeping the currently selected version. So for instance if you resolve the current merge conflict by keeping the new version then you can choose to resolve all the following merge conflicts by using the new version (whatever that may be).
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21 +{{image reference="EM-mergeConflict-action.png" /}}
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23 +Notice also that the upgrade log is collapsed when the upgrade is paused (waiting for your input). You can expand it by clicking on its label.
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25 +The Extension Manager is now asking for a confirmation before deleting unneeded wiki pages. This can happen for instance when you perform an upgrade and some wiki pages have been removed or renamed in the new version of the XAR extension, or if you uninstall a XAR extension. You can select which pages to keep and which pages to delete. The wiki pages that have modifications are not selected by default to prevent loosing those changes by mistake.
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27 +{{image reference="EM-cleanPageAfterUninstall.png" /}}
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29 +See the [[Extension Manager Application documentation>>extensions:Extension.Extension Manager Application]] for more details.
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17 17  == Wiki Application Improvements ==
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19 19  * In the Wiki Index, all the wikis that the user can not access [[are not displayed anymore>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Application||anchor="HNewmenusandWikiIndex"]].

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