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1 1 Release Notes for XWiki 1.1 Enterprise Milestone 4
3 Version 1.1 Milestone 4 brings lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
5 #info("There's also been a big internal change since 1.1M3 in that XWiki has been reorganized to separate the Platform from the Products developed on top of it and a modular automated build system using Maven2 has been setup. This was done to support the multiple products that will be released in the near future: XWiki Enterprise (the current Wiki you've come to know and love), XWiki Enterprise Manager (Multi Wiki management tool), XWiki Watch (social feed reader) and more.")
7 #toc("" "" "")
9 1.1 Changes from 1.1 Milestone 3
11 Main changes:
13 * Bugs fixed:
14 ** [XWiki Platform bugs>]
15 ** [XWiki Panels bugs>]
16 ** [XWiki Enterprise bugs>]
17 * New experimental Lucene Search page. It adds scoring, searching into attachments (including Office documents), search paging and more (performance improvements, more customizable search results, etc). This search page is meant to become the default in the near future. It's currently experimental as we want to ensure it fully works as well as the old search. We need your help. Please let us know on the XWiki mailing list, on IRC, or on this wiki if you have any comments (positive or negative about it). This new page is located in Main.LuceneSearch. You can also edit the Panels.Search page so that the search is done with the Lucene search by default.
18 {image:lucenesearch.png|width=250|height=100|link=yes}
19 * Diff improvements. Diffs are now shown at the level of words.
20 * Added an option to open external link to new window. Default is in the same window.
21 * When deleting a page, the list of pages that will be orphaned are displayed
22 * Added a wiki text mode in the WYSIWYG editor
23 * Code macro now escapes everything (wiki syntax, HTML, Groovy, Velocity, other Radeox macros)
24 * New option to preserve previous version during document import
25 * Several XMLRPC fixes and improvements
26 * MacroMapping renderer is enabled by default
27 * Added plaincode template allowing to access the source of a page without any encoding
28 * Option not to display the login screen
29 * Allow \{style\} macros to be nested
30 * Fullscreen editing in both wiki and WYSIWYG editors
31 * New XMLRPC removeSpace() API
32 * New Quick Links Panel with links to common useful pages
33 * New "My Recent Modifications" Panel
34 * Moved Orphaned Pages inside the AllDocs page as a new tab
35 * Improved navigation by adding the Quick Links Panel + My Recent Modifications Panel to the side menu and removed the Navigation panel from the default layout
36 * Improved the Tag page
37 * Search also searches on page names now
38 * Added new RSS Feeds page to list all feeds available on the wiki
40 + lot more ([Platform>], [XWiki Enterprise>], [Panels>])
42 1.1 Breaking API changes
44 The following changes can make your application not work anymore when you upgrade to this version. To upgrade, make sure you review the changes below and update your code accordingly. We try to minimize such changes but from time to time we have to do them in order to improve XWiki's core.
46 * <tt>com.xpn.xwiki.XWiki.saveDocument(XWikiDocument doc, XWikiDocument olddoc, XWikiContext context)</tt> and <tt>saveDocument(XWikiDocument doc, XWikiDocument olddoc, String comment, XWikiContext context)</tt> have been removed. Please use instead the simpler form <tt>saveDocument(XWikiDocument doc, XWikiContext context)</tt> and <tt>saveDocument(XWikiDocument doc, String comment, XWikiContext context)</tt>.
47 ** Note: The need to pass the olddoc parameter was for the notification mechanism which was doing a diff to decide whether to send notifications or not. This now done internally and automatically, making it a cleaner design and solving issues where notifications were not happening when they should have.
49 1.1 Known issues
51 * [Bugs we know about>]
53 1.1 Upgrading from any version
55 If you've been using XWiki prior to version 1.1 Milestone 4, then you may have noticed that the document version and the history do not match (there's an offset of one in the printed versions, the history being one version smaller). We have fixed this and we are providing a patch for you to run on your wiki installation. To run the patch install the {attach:RCS Fix XAR|document=Main.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise11M4|file=FixRCS.xar} file using the [Importer Tool>platform:AdminGuide.ImportExport] and then go to the XWiki.FixRCS page and follow the instructions.
57 #info("You only need to run this patch if you're upgrading to 1.1 Milestone 4 and if you want the versions displayed in the history to be in sync with the document's version displayed when you view the documents")
59 Follow the instructions below for upgrading from your specific version.
61 1.1 Upgrading from 1.0 or from earlier 1.1 Milestones
63 There have been no changes to the database structure so you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. However you may want to [import the default wiki XAR>Main.Download] in order to benefit from improvements listed above. You'll find above the list of pages that have been modified so you can restrict your import to those pages if you're already using a XWiki 1.0 XAR.
65 1.1 Upgrading from versions earlier than 1.0
67 Check the [release notes for 1.0>ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWiki10].

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