Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.8.4

This is a bug fix and enhancement release mainly around new WYSIWYG and new Rendering modules.

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Changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.8.3

New WYSIWYG and Syntax bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3795 - Reset the content of the rich text area using a command instead of setting the inner HTML directly XWIKI-3794 - Make the editor work with the minimal configuration XWIKI-3518 - When in an unordered list, the user shouldn't be able to select "Title" from the menu XWIKI-3831 - Color picker is not displayed in FF when editing in full screen XWIKI-3830 - Add ability to insert level 6 headings XWIKI-3829 - Use Control/Meta+Up/Down arrow keys to navigate before/after a table XWIKI-3827 - GWT wysiwyg editor has dark background with Albatross skin XWIKI-3824 - Allow adding complex content inside list items XWIKI-3811 - Delete / Backspace at the end / beginning of a list item inside another list item when there is text after / before the list causes error / moves content to the wrong place XWIKI-3778 - Adding a link / image / macro in an empty list item in IE moves it to the beginning of the next item XWIKI-3776 - Cannot add a link at the end of a list item in Internet Explorer XWIKI-3773 - Adding and editing lists in table cells XWIKI-3760 - When the caret is at the end of paragraph in IE style is applied to the next paragraph XWIKI-3648 - Functions not working / active XWIKI-3646 - Adding columns to the correct location XWIKI-3488 - Use Delete key to merge two consecutive lists XWIKI-3188 - Add support for marking text as monospace XWIKI-2669 - New WYSIWYG editor doesn't work when special characters are entered by the user XWIKI-3792 - XWiki.display* methods should put clean=false when generating {{html}} macro XWIKI-3791 - HTML macros inside HTML macros should be forced clean=false XWIKI-3774 - XWiki parser does not support begin macro or begin verbatim as first group element XWIKI-3821 - XHTML parser does not support link inside link with metadata comments XWIKI-3815 - Table cells are merged when they contain headings XWIKI-3800 - Lists in embedded documents in list items don't preserve their list level on parsing from xhtml XWIKI-3797 - Nested and repeated styles are not handled properly XWIKI-3820 - Memory leaks in webdav module

1.0 to 2.0 syntax converter bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3804 - Converter fail when the document contain an object with a non assigned text area field

PDF export bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3683 - Error thrown when exporting as PDF a document imported from Excel

Office Importer bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-3524 - Add support for splitting document imports XWIKI-3786 - Add support for connecting to an external (local) openoffice server process XWIKI-3710 - Add support for automatically restarting OpenOffice server when XE is restarted XWIKI-3818 - Special characters should not be filtered when splitting documents

Other bug fixes and improvements

XWIKI-1674 - StringListProperty loading use wrong separator XWIKI-3523 - Introduce the initial refactoring module

Known issues

Migration notes

General Migration notes

The database structure hasn't been changed since XWiki Enterprise 1.5 so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database. 

You may also want to import the default wiki XAR in order to benefit from improvements listed above.


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