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25 25  [[image:cjk.png||class="screenshot"]]
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27 +== Updated the installation process of Workspaces ==
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29 +The [[Workspace Application>>http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Workspace+Application]] requires that an admin provides the initial workspace template (as before), but now it can be anything the admin wants to use as base. The admin only has to rename it to "workspace-template.xar" and attach it to the WorkspaceManager.Install page. The workspace-related pages and settings will be applied to the template automatically.
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27 27  = For Developers =
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29 29  == JSR330 Provider Support ==
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35 35  * You wish to lazily get a component instance (instead of it getting injected when your Component is looked up the first time)
36 36  * You wish to control how you return the instance you're providing for. For example you may wish to read the Component Hint from a configuration file and return the instance of the Component matching that Hint dynamically
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42 +== Component registration and unregistration event are now properly paired ==
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44 +The registration and unregistration event triggered by a component manager is now perfectly paired. Registering an existing component role and hint now trigger the unregistration event before registering the new component.
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46 +== New Disposable interface for singleton components ==
47 +
48 +To prepare the future uninstallation feature of the Extension Manager, singleton components could now implements the Disposable interface. This interface require a single dispose() methods that will be call when a singleton component is unregistered from its component manager. When a singleton component has been created, this could happen in three cases:
49 + * the component role and hints is explicitly unregistered
50 + * another component role with same hints is registered and therefore replace the existing component
51 + * the component instance is explicitly released calling the release function in the manager
52 +
53 +Components that require a singleton component should be aware that the instance provided is now subject release and should prevent from accessing a component that have been released. This could be done by observing the registration events of the component manager. The Unregister Event is always triggered when a component is released.
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38 38  == Upgrades ==
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40 40  The following dependencies have been upgraded:
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98 98  Always make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg## and ##xwiki.properties## files with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note that you should add ##xwiki.store.migration=1## so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
99 99  {{/warning}}
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118 +== Entity references are now immutable ==
119 +
120 +EntityReference (and derived classes, DocumentReference...) has been refactored and are now immutable. This change has been introduced to prevent dangerous issues where a reference hold by an object could be changed by another one. This have a lot of consequences on the reference API and this break the backward compatibility. The following change should be noticed:
121 + * all setters on EntityReference is now protected and could not be used anymore by any public code. Deriving a reference to render it mutable is hardly discouraged.
122 + * EntityReference#getChild() has been removed, since a single entity may have more than one child. A EntityReference#getReversedParentChain() method has been added to allow easy iteration from the root entity to their children in a given parent chain.
123 + * EntityReference#clone() has been removed, a copy-construtor is still available, but is useless since an entity is immutable, there is no need to clone it
124 + * EntityReference#replaceParent(oldParent,newParent) allow creating a new entity with one of the parent in the parent chain replaced
125 + * EntityReference#appendParent() allow creating a new entity with an appended root parent, this one is useless on any derived class since the parent chain could not appended in them.
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101 101  == Issues specific to <projet> <version> ==
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103 103  <issues specific to the project>

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