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5 XWiki Enterprise 3.4 is a stabilization release as we're approaching the end of the [[3.x cycle>>enterprise:Main.Roadmap#HXWikiEnterprise3.xCycle]] so its main goal was to improve the Extension Manager and App Within Minutes features. However, this release also comes with a new look and a new default wiki page syntax.
7 = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki Enterprise 3.3 version) =
9 Checkout the full unabridged [[list of issues>>]] fixed in this release and, if you're interested in statistics, the [[JIRA dashboard>>]].
11 == New color themes ==
13 XWiki Enterprise 3.4 comes with a new default color theme and other three (Mint, Ruby and Dusk) that you can choose from. All four use CSS3 rules and new color variables in order to be able to have gradients. All color themes that were previously available are now considered deprecated and have been published as extensions: [[Default>>extensions:Extension.Default33 ColorTheme]], [[Bordo>>extensions:Extension.Bordo ColorTheme]], [[Nature>>extensions:Extension.Nature ColorTheme]], [[BlueSky>>extensions:Extension.BlueSky ColorTheme]], [[Inner Dark>>extensions:Extension.Inner Dark ColorTheme]], [[Nightfall>>extensions:Extension.Nightfall ColorTheme]] and [[Peach>>extensions:Extension.Peach ColorTheme]].
15 {{warning}}This means that custom build color themes or skins build on top of Colibri may not be compatible with the recent changes when doing an upgrade.{{/warning}}
17 In order to solve this problem you have two solutions: adjust your custom color themes with the new changes or don't upgrade the following wiki pages when upgrading the XAR: ##ColorThemes.DefaultColorTheme## and ##XWiki.AdminSheet## and the following CSS files from Colibri skin: ##colibri.css## and ##ie-all.css##.
19 [[[[image:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34RC1@colorthemes34.png||style="border:1px solid gray; padding: 0.2em; width:600px;"]]>>attach:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34RC1@colorthemes34.png]]
21 == XWiki Syntax 2.1 is the default page syntax ==
23 Even though the XWiki Syntax 2.1 has been available for a long time already, it was marked experimental. We've now made it final which means no more changes will be brought to the XWiki Syntax 2.1 (any new change will be made in a new XWiki Syntax 2.2).
25 What it also means is that when you create a new page from now on, it'll be created in XWiki Syntax 2.1 syntax by default (you can still choose another syntax using the Syntax chooser in edit mode, see [[Page Editing>>platform:Features.PageEditing#HChoosingaSyntax]]).
27 As a reminder here are below the differences between XWiki Syntax 2.0 and XWiki Syntax 2.1.
29 === Changes to the link syntax from XWiki Syntax 2.0 ===
31 The query string and the anchor (URL fragment) are no longer specified in the reference section of the link syntax:
33 (% class="box code" %)
34 ~[~[Link Specification>>platform:Main.XWikiSyntax||**queryString**="foo=bar" **anchor**="HXWikiSyntax2.1LinkSpecification"]]
36 links to:
38 (% class="box code" %)
39 http:~/~/**?**foo=bar**#**HXWikiSyntax2.1LinkSpecification
41 The canonical representation of a link reference is prefixed with the reference type:
43 (% class="box code" %)
44 ~[~[Source repository>>**url:**https:~/~/]]
45 ~[~[Syntax Help>>**doc:**platform:Main.XWikiSyntax]]
47 InterWiki links have a dedicated reference type:
49 (% class="box code" %)
50 ~[~[XWiki on Wikipedia>>**interwiki:**wikipedia:XWiki]]
52 Two new reference types: relative path and [[UNC (Universal Naming Convention)>>]].
54 (% class="box code" %)
55 ~[~[Edit this page>>**path:**$doc.getURL('edit')]]
56 ~[~[File system access>>**unc:**~\~\myserver\path\to\file.txt]]
58 See the [[full link specification>>platform:Main.XWikiSyntax#HXWikiSyntax2.1LinkSpecification]] for more details.
60 === Changes to the image syntax from XWiki Syntax 2.0 ===
62 You can pass the query string of the image URL as a special image parameter:
64 (% class="box code" %)
65 ~[~[image~:MyPage@myPicture.png||**queryString**="parameter=value"]]
67 You can use a relative path as the image reference. This is useful to display images from the skin:
69 (% class="box code" %)
70 image~:**path:**$xwiki.getSkinFile('logo.png')
72 It is now possible to reference an icon from the [[XWiki Icon Set>>]]:
74 (% class="box code" %)
75 image~:**icon:**chart_pie
77 See the [[full image specification>>platform:Main.XWikiSyntax#HXWikiSyntax2.1ImageSpecification]] for more details.
79 == Delete space menu ==
81 You can now delete an entire space using the Space menu. This will move all the pages from that space to the recycle bin. Note that in case you want to restore the space you have to restore each page individually from the recycle bin. We're hoping to offer a way to easily restore the space in the next versions.
83 [[image:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34M1@DeleteSpaceMenu.png||style="border:1px solid gray; padding: 0.2em;"]]
85 == Simple space templates ==
87 You can now create simple space templates. If you go to Templates section of the wiki administration and create a new template provider you'll notice that you can choose the template type. "Space homepage" templates are used to create new spaces.
89 [[image:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34M1@SpaceTemplateProvider.png||style="border:1px solid gray; padding: 0.2em;"]]
91 All the available space templates are listed on the Create Space dialog that you can access from the Add > Space menu.
93 [[image:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34M1@CreateSpace.png||style="border:1px solid gray; padding: 0.2em;"]]
95 XWiki Enterprise comes by default with a space dashboard template which can be used to create a new space whose home page is a dashboard.
97 == Special characters in attachment name ==
99 Starting with this version, non-ASCII characters are not filtered anymore from the file name when uploading an attachment.
101 == Minimized action menu ==
103 The action menu is now minimized when the page is scrolled. You can access it by hovering the top of the browser window.
105 [[image:ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise34M1@MinimizedActionMenu.png||style="border:1px solid gray; padding: 0.2em;"]]
107 == Display macro ==
109 New display macro to replace include macro with context=new. See [[extensions:Extension.Display Macro]] for more details.
111 = Bug fixes and improvements =
113 * Tree view from document index should work fine in Internet Explorer 9.
114 * Adding users to a group through the administration should work fine in Internet Explorer 9.
115 * Extension manager UI has been polished. Additionally, it's now possible to easily import an extension from any repository into the XWiki Repository.
116 * Created workspaces should now be stabilized and no longer report errors after an XWiki restart or in the Administration section.
118 = For Developers =
120 * Component manager bug fixes and improvements (including an important optimization which should bring a significant speed improvement)
121 * [[StringUtils>>]] can be accessed in Velocity using ##$stringtool##
122 * ###stop## Velocity directive is working again
123 * You can now stop the execution of a Velocity macro or template using ###break($macro)## and ###break($template)## respectively. ##$template## can also be used to find the name of the current Velocity name space (usually the name of the current Velocity template).
124 * [[Markdown>>]] syntax support added.
125 * The database migration code has been fully rewritten:
126 ** [[XWIKI-7006>>]] Accessing a store that is not migrated to the lastest data version should not be allowed
127 ** [[XWIKI-1859>>]] Do not start migrations on a clean installation of XWiki
128 * Oracle support improved
129 ** [[XWIKI-6368>>]] - Exception "inconsistent datatypes" on VisitStats in Oracle 10g
130 ** [[XWIKI-7278>>]] - Virtual mode fails on Oracle with "ORA-01435: user does not exist"
131 * Interface changes
132 * Skin changes:
133 ** new ##.disabled## CSS class to mark disabled inputs, see [[documentation>>]].
134 ** new ##.hasIcon## class to be used for elements that have a background-icon attached. The class works in pair with other classes that specify the icon that will be used (e.g. ##.iconRSS##, ##.tmEdit## etc.). Checkout the [[documentation>>]] for other general purpose CSS classes.
135 ** in order to write more easily all the proprietary declarations for CSS3 background gradients and box-sizing properties you can use the following macros: ##~#css3_backgroundLinearGradient##, ##~#css3_backgroundIconAndLinearGradient## and ##~#css3_boxSizing##.
136 ** you can use the ##.png## version for the icons in the Silk icons set (the ##.gif## versions will gradually be replaced).
138 {{todo/}}
140 == Upgrades ==
142 The following dependencies have been upgraded:
144 * AETHER 1.13.1
145 * Groovy 1.8.5
146 * Hibernate 3.6.9
147 * jdeb 0.9
148 * Restlet 2.0.11
149 * Selenium 2.17
150 * Selenium Maven Plugin 2.2
151 * SmartGWT 3.0
153 == Translations ==
155 The following translations have been updated:
157 {{language codes="de, es, fr, hi, hr, lv, ru, sv, uk, zh_TW"/}}
159 = Tested Browsers =
161 Here's the list of browsers tested with this version (i.e. browsers that we've tested as working - Check the list of [[supported browsers>>dev:Community.BrowserSupportStrategy]]):
163 {{browser name="firefox" version="9.0.1"/}}
165 {{browser name="chrome" version="16"/}}
167 = Test Report =
169 You can check the [[manual test report>>TestReports.ManualTestReportXE34]] to learn about what was tested and the results on various browsers.
171 = Known issues =
173 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
175 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
177 == General Notes ==
179 {{warning}}
180 If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property // to your //xwiki.cfg// file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in //,db2,...//.
181 {{/warning}}
183 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from all the improvements listed above.
185 {{warning}}
186 Always make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg## and files with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
187 {{/warning}}
189 == Issues specific to XWiki Enterprise 3.4 ==
191 === Default wiki access method changed to path-based ===
193 In virtual mode, XWiki can work in two ways: based on domain names, where each virtual wiki is accessed from a different DNS domain, like, and path-based, where each virtual wiki is accessed on a different path of the same domain, like Since the former mode is harder to set up, since it requires a custom DNS server, we have enabled the second mode by default in this release.
195 {{warning}}
196 When merging the xwiki.cfg for the migration process, keep in mind that the value of 'xwiki.virtual.usepath' has been changed to a default of 1 instead of 0. If your wiki is set to virtual mode and is using subdomains to access subwikis, make sure to set 'xwiki.virtual.usepath' to 0.
197 {{/warning}}
199 == API Breakages ==
201 The following APIs were modified since version 3.3:
203 {{code language="none"}}
204 Removed org.restlet.Filter from the list of superclasses
205 Removed org.restlet.Guard from the list of superclasses
206 Removed org.restlet.Uniform from the list of superclasses
207 In method 'public int authenticate(' the number of arguments has changed
208 Return type of method 'public int authenticate(' has been changed to boolean
209 Method 'public boolean checkSecret(, java.lang.String, char[])' has been removed
210 Removed org.restlet.Uniform from the list of superclasses
211 Removed com.noelios.restlet.ext.servlet.ServerServlet from the list of superclasses
212 Removed org.restlet.Filter from the list of superclasses
213 Removed org.restlet.Uniform from the list of superclasses
214 Parameter 1 of 'protected void afterHandle(,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Request
215 Parameter 2 of 'protected void afterHandle(,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Response
216 Parameter 1 of 'protected int beforeHandle(,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Request
217 Parameter 2 of 'protected int beforeHandle(,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Response
218 Parameter 1 of 'protected javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest getHttpRequest(' has changed its type to org.restlet.Request
219 Removed org.restlet.Handler from the list of superclasses
220 Removed org.restlet.resource.Resource from the list of superclasses
221 Parameter 2 of 'public BrowserAuthenticationResource(org.restlet.Context,,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Request
222 Parameter 3 of 'public BrowserAuthenticationResource(org.restlet.Context,,' has changed its type to org.restlet.Response
223 {{/code}}

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